Initial Coin Offering

Help and troubleshooting

How does the token redeeming process work?

Redemption of tokens will happen after the ICO is finished. After we verify your user identification successfully (KYC), you will be able to assign your own ERC20 wallet in the dashboard interface and OPTI tokens will be deposited to you based on the amount you purchased.

The ETH address for deposit is not displayed

Due to security reasons and easier accounting, we assign an individual ETH address for each of our customers. Sometimes, due to high traffic we may experience shortage of ETH addresses to assign to new users. In this case, simply wait and try again.

Civic app is not working for me

If you experince errors while using Civic, please send your telephone number along with a valid identification document to ico@optitoken.io . Please note that we will verify if you really experienced issues with Civic, so just use manual email verification if you really had trouble using Civic.

How do I change my KYC details?

Changing the details you input on Civic may require you to reset your account. You can find instructions here. If you need to change your proof of address, email the new document to ico@optitoken.io using the same email address you registered in our purchase system.

I can't login or register, my connection seems blocked

We block connections coming from China, USA and Cayman Islands in our purchase system. Also, proxies, VPN and Tor are blocked. If you are not connecting from these countries either using a proxy, VPN or Tor your IP address may be blacklisted by the external service we use to score reliability of IPs. In this case, please email your IP address to ico@optitoken.io and, after verification, we may open and exception and whitelist your IP.